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What is Pancake Swap? - An Ultimate Guide

Pancake Swap is an AMM (automated market maker) that lets users exchange tokens by providing the necessary liquidity through farming as well as earning fees in exchange. Launched in September 2020, Pancake Swap is one of the top cryptocurrency decentralized exchanges (DEX) for swapping BEP20 tokens on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). An automated market maker (AMM) model is used by Pancake Swap allowing users to trade against the liquidity pool. In these pools, there are users who deposit their funds and receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens in exchange.

To store all your cryptos in one safe place and later buy, sell, or trade with them, you will eventually need to have access to either a wallet service or a crypto exchange. One of the first choices of the users is the Blockchain Login platform which is trusted by millions for dealing with crypto. Launched in the year 2011, it has undergone transactions worth $1 Trillion which is definitely a thing one cannot ignore. To get more details browse our website now!

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